2 Dec,2015
Public Private Partnership Seminar

Understanding the motivation of the public and private sectors are keys to a successful PPP. Besides the attractiveness of assets, clearly defined concessions and a sound business plan, risks are the other factor that have been hovering the market of PPP worldwide and when it comes to a PPP deal, one has to understand the risks and a thorough risks assessment of both parties will drive to a positive closure of a transaction. The opportunities are substantial in the region, but the environment remains complex and is becoming increasingly competitive.

This forum will provide a platform for in-depth analysis and open dialogue on political commitment, Government motivation, economic risks and financial guarantees in PPPs. It will also provide a clear outlook not only from the Governments' perspective and panel of advisories but evaluate the lessons and draw conclusions about the best way forward in PPPs. Attend this forum now and take the full advantage to expand your networking with industry peers as well as establishing cross-industry interactions.

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