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Defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO) has been established by the Government of Pakistan as a facilitation agency for all customer inquiries and to coordinate export of high quality defence products and services.


We, in DEPO, are ready to address all your inquiries about Pakistan's defence products and services and to assist you in meeting the requirements of your Armed Forces and Security Agencies.

Demand of the Pakistan Armed Forces are met by a large network of services, established in the country by public and private manufacturing and Research and Development (R&D) establishments, some of which have been meeting the needs of half a million strong Armed Forces, since over 50 years. Pakistan defence manufacturing sector is capable of meeting the bulk requirements of foreign customers in areas of medium, as well as, selected areas of high technology. Pakistan has the capability to offer high grade weapon systems like MBTs, basic & advance trainers and jet fighter aircraft, surface to air and anti tank missile systems, sophisticated surface and sub surface naval crafts, air delivered munitions, state of the art secure communication systems, small arms and a wide range of ammunition and explosives. All these products are backed up by ISO certification, aerospace standards of latest revision and R&D organizations, which are constantly working towards quality assurance and product improvement, thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

DEPO, along with its major defence manufacturers, has been participating in various International Defence Exhibitions and, through pro-active marketing strategy, our defence products have earned an international recognition. Pakistan has been, at one time or the other, exporting aircraft, arms and ammunition to many countries around the globe. During the last two years, Pakistan has diversified its traditional and non-traditional exportable products and has started to explore new markets to expand its customer base.

DEPO, in collaboration with Pakistan's defence sector, is committed to provide a progressive response to ongoing developments in the world and to meet the technical needs of present, with focus on future. Pakistan continues to update its defence production capabilities through innovative and cost effective technologies to continuously satisfy the changing requirements of our valued customers.

DEPO also organizes a biennial mega event International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) of Pakistan was conceived after the successful conduct of first International Pakistan Naval Defence Show 1999 which was held at Karachi from 22 - 25 February 1999. First IDEAS was held in 2000 and subsequent IDEAS were organized biennially.

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