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Having rich experience in the field, Pakistan defence industry manufacturers offer a wide variety of defence related products meeting almost all needs of the ground forces.


Tank Al Khalid is the latest cost effective achievement, which can be compared with any modern tanks in the world. Tank Al-Zarrar and APC SAAD are the symbol of quality and excellence. POF Eye is a special purpose hand held weapon system. Small arms, ammunition, large caliber requirements and missile system including relifing of missiles are the feats of engineering sector, which is always ready to undertake any challenge under any condition. Winning confidence of the soldier has always been a challenging task, which is the objective of a stable and mature defence manufacturing line. Our manufacturers have never let down the soldiers be it in the scorching heat in the dusty rugged desert or the snow clad Siachin Glacier with minus 40 degrees of temperature.

Sanctions imposed on Pakistan has further induced more vigour in our engineering defence manufacturers who over a period of time have prevailed over all impediments by meeting the high quality demand of the Army which is in high state of alert, thus further stretching its GSRs to unimaginable limits.

The users of defence equipment have never lost sight of valued engineers who have been developing adding value to defence products for the ground forces. To meet very high standards of the Pakistan Army the manufacturer keep striving for excellence.

For the defence product manufacturers, the soldier is the customer and the "Customer is the King" who is and will never be disappointed whether its peace, war, or playground. Our textile, clothing, leather and sports gear industry "one of the best in the world", support the soldiers from battle field dress and equipment to leisure.

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